About Us

J & D Auto Paints are a proud supplier in automotive paints and accessories in the Ballarat Region. We also stock a large range of associated products such as air and power tools to help you with your projects. We can also match most colours that are desired.

The staff at J & D Auto Paints are confident that we can help you choose the correct products for your project - from rust proofing through to priming and painting. We have all the experience to help you reach your desired results.

Our friendly staff are happy to help you when it comes to selecting the required products for your project.

Contact us today for all your automotive paint requirements!

Our products include:

2 Pack Paint, Acrylic Auto Paint, Enamel Auto Paint, Custom Auto Paint, Sanding Accessories, Buffing Accessories, Workquip Spray Accesssories, Panel Beating Supplies, Spray Guns, Spray Equipment, Lighting, Sanding Items
Masking Products, Safety Products, Body Fillers, Polishers, Preparation Products, Spray Films, Cleaners, Thinners, Clear Coats, Body Deadeners, Chassis Paints and so much more !

Our Suppliers include:

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