2 Pack Auto Paints

2 pack auto paints come in a range of solid colours as well as in metallics and pearls. 2 pack is automotive paint that is mainly used by spray painters as it is extremely hazardous, it should only be sprayed in spray booths with the correct safety equipment. Eg: masks and overalls, 2 pack paint needs a hardener to be added to it so it sets correctly and should be sprayed with a 1.5mm spray gun tip or smaller.

Acrylic Auto Paints

Acrylic paint can be sprayed in a garage or backyard and is not as harmful as 2 pak paints. Acrylic paints come in both solid and metallic colours, although some colours are not available. Acrylic paints need to be buffed and polished after spray and it is recommended that a clear coat is applied. The spraying mixture is 60:40 (60% Acrylic Thinners to 40% Paint). Acrylic paints are easy to apply and dry in minutes although it's not as scratch resistant as 2 pack.

Enamel Auto Paints

Enamel Paints are mainly used for trailers, trucks, and machinery as it is cheap and does a good job where the finish doesn't need to be perfect. With enamels you are limited as metallics, pearls and some colours are not achievable. Auto enamel paints have a strong and effective finish that will last a long time if correctly applied. A hardener can be used with enamel but the paint will take a couple of days till it is fully cured.

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Custom Auto Paints

Custom Auto Paints are a great solution when you want your vehicle to stand out. We carry a large range of auto paints from Debeer and PPG. The colour range in custom paints is much more exotic ranging from candy colours to metal flake paints, fluoro, matte and even colour changing paints. We carry a large range of samples in store.

Spray Aerosols

Custom made spray cans can be made to match all car and motorbike colours, as well as a range of industrial and Colorbond colours. We cater for the DIY in a range of primers, top coats, clears whether it being in 2pak, acrylic or enamel it can be done.

Auto Paint Accessories

At J & D Auto Paints we can help you with your air fittings, buffing & polishing products, spray guns, sealers & adhesives as well as sanding and safety products.
We carry a large range of accessories in store, so if you're looking for something specific don't hesitate to contact us and we will endeavour to help you with the best solution.

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